Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I LOVE Shiny long as it sparkles and blings, I feel like a Princess. Well, you can imagine my surprise when a friend introduced me to Stickles. a tube...with glue that actually works! Most glitter glues dry and are opaque, not translucent; or they constantly clog up in the tube. Not Stickles! The end of the tube is narrow so that it doesn't clog very often, leaving you able to craft away. When I use my Stickles for my ATC's, cards and projects, I just know that it will dry clear and only the shiny glitter will show through in all its blinging glory! I think it is one of the best embellishments and will buy it until they don't make it anymore.(Along with the chipboard letters covered in glitter). I hope they don't discontinue it, as I am the queen of "if i like it, they will no doubt, quit making it!"

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Christina said...

lol i have that happen alot too. It truly truly sucks