Saturday, August 30, 2008

Video Bars...

Hey there! :)

Just in case anyone is new to video bars...check out mine... Fred and Brookers are hilarious (but I have a weird and twisted sense of humor)...I couldn't get the exact videos that I wanted to upload, as they uploaded with most recent. So be sure to check out Brookers' "My United States of Whateva" and Fred "Loses His Meds".. those are my all-time favorites- ever! :) Of course I work with the youth at our church and teach Senior High Sunday School, so I would look at the things that our kids are watching on You Tube, My Space, etc...but seriously, if you ever want some "mindless" laughter- watch will make you realize how normal you truly are...and as my Dad says "Normal is just a city in Illinois" :)

Sisterhood of the Blogging Stampers #24!

I hope I get into this group! I have just submitted a request to join this latest sisterhood to share ideas on stamping, scrapping and whatever else us sisters will share. Yeah!.....For all you sisters out there. I am sure that you can tell a little about me personally from my blog and the stuff on it. What you might not know is that I am addicted to glitter and Swarovski crystals...REALLY!...I could stare at them all day. Kinda like when you were a little kid and you caught a glimpse of the colors in your Mom or Grandma's wedding ring...yeah, I even incorporate glitter into my eye makeup from time to time...I'm hopeless!...I can't wait to make it "official" as Tracy says, and start getting to know everyone.

Happy Stamping...Happy Scrapping... and make sure to use your glitter! :)

Taking a Break...

I am taking a break from scrapbooking to do the daily necessities of being a mom, such as laundry, cooking and cleaning (YUCK!!)...everyone should have a little fairy that comes on the weekend and sprinkles sparkly pink pixie dust over the house and it is magically clean and shiny!! Oh well...time to come back to reality and get done with that "other stuff", so that I can go back to the creating that I really want to do....I have already finished the foundational pages of the book I am altering, so now I can start adding the liquid chalk, ink, glitter, and all of the pictures and embellishments. I think I will leave most of the pages embellished, but let Paige put in her own pix from 8th grade this year...GTG! TTYL!

Friday, August 29, 2008

It's FINALLY 5:00!

Here I sit...waiting for the last and longest 2 minutes of the workday- that space between 5 and's FINALLY here and off I go to Scrapbookland....look out paper...hello pens... scissors and cutter and all things glittery...come to me NOW!

Scrapbooking Here I Come!

I am soooo going to scrapbook this evening. I have declined all invites for this Swappers Day, no Easton...just pure, unadulterated scrapbooking for three days! I can hardly wait to get home and get started!! I am also almost finished altering a book for my youngest daughter, so she will be elated as well...I am all caught up here at work today; remind me why I have to stay?....oh yeah, I have to answer the phone when it rings....maybe we can "Mc Guyver" rig it to forward to my home phone....


I am sitting here listening to someone at work talk about the perils of lost love and "woe is me"...all I can hear is Blah....Blah....Blah and in the back of my mind creeps the question: Is it 5:02 yet!!???...please remove the sharp objects from my desk or I might feel the need to stab my ears out!!! :)

Remember..."It's better to have loved and lost, than to have never loved at all"


It's finally Friday!!...That ROCKS!- It's a 3 day weekend, thanks to the genius that created Labor Day (you are truly after my own heart)...I asked yesterday if it was 5:02 yet because I work in a Call Center and for some reason known only to management and the aliens, we cannot log off the phones until that time... they say it is to make sure that all of the calls get through the queue. I think if you add up all the extra 2 minutes a day and times that by 5 days a week, and 12 months a's to get extra time out of us. But that's just how my mind works and what I think. Anyways, I so enjoy going to work on Fridays, knowing that when 5:02 rolls around...I am on hiatus until Monday. I am only 39, so I have a while to go until retirement...but it's one day closer to that dream of working in a creative capacity of sorts! So three cheers for Friday! Hip Hip Hooray!!!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Project Runway on Tonight

I just LOVE this show! Christian Siriano is my favorite designer to date...he is FIERCE and FABULOUS!!! (sorry Christian!)...and he's only 21, so it just goes to show that it doesn't matter how young or old you are... you can achieve your dreams if you take that leap of faith. I have always held an affinity for fashion- the weirder, the better. I love Vivienne Westwood and her shoes...but I could never walk a step in them... the whole culture just inspires me...maybe that's why I like scrapbooking and paper so's my "fabric and design" of choice. I more than likely will never get the chance to meet Christian...but you have inspired me nonetheless to keep designing in the way that I know how...ROCK ON!

Is it 5:00 yet?

I wonder how many times people look at the clock during the workday and say "Is it 5:00 yet!?" I think that I spend more time here in a given week than anywhere else. I wonder if they would let me install a refrigerator and coffee maker and roll a blanket and pillow up under my desk? Then I could just live here! It has to be 5:00 somewhere...

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Little Miss Sparkle Has Arrived!

Well...I tried to create a "Little Miss Sparkle" URL (after Little Miss Sunshine from the Mr.Men/Little Miss characters)...but alas, it was taken- so I am now sparkle and scrap 39...but that works too, because it's what I love to do! Well...I have arrived as a brand new blogger, with high hopes of meeting LOTS of new friends who also scrapbook and stamp. I also have discovered the creative genius of altering books and have already completed two. One for a gift to my husband and one for my oldest daughter. My youngest now wants a book of her own too! I am wanting to also join card and/or ATC swaps, as I have a friend who started doing this and has gotten some really cool ideas back. Feel free to send me your ideas, URLS and anything else that you think would help me get into the groove.