Thursday, March 12, 2009

Job Cuts and Loss of Friends at Work... has been a CRAZY last few weeks at work! The economy has finally reached our "Andy Worhol" looking Corporate Office and our floor was literally cut in half. Some supervisors had to take pay cuts, others were demoted to phone reps and still others had total job eliminations. Our staff went from 50 to 25 and now 3 call centers are merging into one great big call center to meet all your needs! It has been a challenge to try and learn while the phones are ringing off the hook non-stop. I know....I know....I have a job and I should feel thankful for that!!!!...and contrary to what you have read so far, I actually AM. The economy SUCKS right now, and I have had to watch my friends lose their jobs, and then listen to the news that all of the "bail out money"...(millions of dollars) that went to AIG is being used for employee bonuses!?...okay, I am trying to understand this one because I do understand contractual agreements, but am I wrong to think that without that bail out money they could have lost their jobs too!?...and now they have jobs and will be getting bonuses, while all of the little businesses, like the one my husband owns, had to make loan payments in lieu of giving himself a paycheck this past week!!! Okay, Mr. President...I am ready for your "big change" to come down the pike of that superb "Stimulus Package" that is supposed to help out those businesses...that too will take time, I know....I am just frustrated and stressed and just down right sick and tired that our country, The Home of the Free and the Brave... the land that I love...the land of opportunity has been reduced to a shamble of poverty and not being able to make our ends meet...and don't even get me started on all of the free benefits of illegal aliens in this country, who haven't paid a dime into our tax or Social Security system...or the wages that members of Congress and our elected officials get to take home each week. I wonder how it would feel if they had to drive themselves around or fly on a commercial flight instead of taking that private jet???