Tuesday, January 27, 2009



It has been crazy and hectic with the holidays, work, winter school break and Donnie has been in and out of the hospital over 6 times between Christmas Eve of last year and he is having surgery again, tomorrow...so it has been a "wild ride" to say the least!! Sorry I have been "M.I.A" for a while. :(

I have also been helping Donnie's mom in between her chemo and radiation treatments with house cleaning, trips to the grocery, etc...and being Mom and Youth Worker and Sunday School Teacher at church...in my "spare time" I have joined and am hosting a few recipe swaps and a Glitter ATC swap on Split Coast (check them out and join!- I would LOVE to have you!!!!)***I am of course, who else, but LittleMissSparkle on Split Coast...

To all of my SBS#24 gals....I have MISSED you ALL!!!!! and hope you all have been well... thanks for the comments of concern and the prayers..I really appreciate all of it and hope to bring some good news for a change soon. Donnie will get his PICC line taken out tomorrow and a new Groshon chest catheter put back in so that hopefully all will be smooth sailing from this point forward for a while and he can live a somewhat "normal" life!...well...as normal as someone can with Short Bowel Syndrome, having to hook up to an IV machine every night for 8 hours when they go to bed...

When this last bout of issues arose for him (he picked upi ecoli during a hospital visit)...we were having to do at-home IV antibiotics for 3 weeks. "Get the meds out an hr before to warm to room temperature, run for 45 mins, and then uphook and flush with saline"...this was H-A-R-D when we were both still trying to work. Fun-times as the work week consisted of "after work meds, bedtime meds and 4-5:30 am meds"...I only know that the Good Lord Himself brought us through that one without killing each other or Paige for lack of sleep- ha ha! :)

You gotta laugh sometimes or you would go insane....

I PROMISE to keep you all updated and blog more often...I miss my coversations with my SISTERS and want to look at your blogs tomorrow or later this evening, as I am off tomorrow to go to Donnie's surgery at 6:30 am (and we are supposed to get a major snow/ice storm later!)...more GOOD TIMES- jk! :)

I miss Sally's cool artwork...Leona's beautiful layouts, Jenn's inspraitional messages and all of the other WONDERFUL and FABULOUS things about my creative sister-friends that I LOVE- Christina, we have LOTS to catch up on and music to talk about too...I have to check out Anna' lastest challenges, what's going on in Wendy's world in Wales, and soooo much more with all of my other sisters...I better get going and get to it! :)