Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I just finished the altered book for my oldest daughter Tiffany's college graduation and she loved it!...I can't wait to see it filled with pictures from her Nursing School and Clinical Adventures!

It made me think and reflect about those moments in life that matter the most. Like your "firsts"...marriage...your spouse...your children..family & friends...vacations..."favorites"...and all of those everyday "life happens" memories that we talk about and those that we forget about over time.

We need to start taking time to be more intentional...to take the time to think, reflect, ponder and remember those moments that are special, funny, sad, make us think. etc... Start writing them down so that when you are old and can't remember, or have grandchildren you can share what your thoughts and feelings were when you were their age.

I find it fascinating to know how much a loaf of bread or gallon of gas was when my parents and grandparents were my age or younger. How fashion and technology has changed over the years....hairstyles....fads... trends...home decor...fashion. We would not be able to compare these things and more over the generations if someone had not taken the time to document and take pictures of what everything had looked like back then.

The same holds true with our own lives... thoughts...likes/dislikes...family photos...recipes...how well will our children and our children's children know us when we are no longer here. When someone says to them that they look like you or act like you...will they really truly know what you thought...what you looked like...how you felt or what you liked? They will if you take the time to sit down from time to time to think...reflect...ponder and remember what is important to you and take the pictures and write the words to convey YOU to everyone else who will look at them and read them later...scrapbooking and book altering helps me to accomplish this.

I challenge you to make time to document those important things in your life.. the good, the bad and even the ugly...so that your soul will be heard....long after your voice is silenced this side of Heaven :)