Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Little Miss Sparkle Has Arrived!

Well...I tried to create a "Little Miss Sparkle" URL (after Little Miss Sunshine from the Mr.Men/Little Miss characters)...but alas, it was taken- so I am now sparkle and scrap 39...but that works too, because it's what I love to do! Well...I have arrived as a brand new blogger, with high hopes of meeting LOTS of new friends who also scrapbook and stamp. I also have discovered the creative genius of altering books and have already completed two. One for a gift to my husband and one for my oldest daughter. My youngest now wants a book of her own too! I am wanting to also join card and/or ATC swaps, as I have a friend who started doing this and has gotten some really cool ideas back. Feel free to send me your ideas, URLS and anything else that you think would help me get into the groove.

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