Saturday, August 30, 2008

Taking a Break...

I am taking a break from scrapbooking to do the daily necessities of being a mom, such as laundry, cooking and cleaning (YUCK!!)...everyone should have a little fairy that comes on the weekend and sprinkles sparkly pink pixie dust over the house and it is magically clean and shiny!! Oh well...time to come back to reality and get done with that "other stuff", so that I can go back to the creating that I really want to do....I have already finished the foundational pages of the book I am altering, so now I can start adding the liquid chalk, ink, glitter, and all of the pictures and embellishments. I think I will leave most of the pages embellished, but let Paige put in her own pix from 8th grade this year...GTG! TTYL!

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