Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Me and ACHMED! :)

I am getting ready to go on a Road Trip in September with my gal pals. We go on a bi-annual Scrapbook Retreat with a bunch of WONDERFUL ladies that we met from the Dayton/Kettering Ohio area. We eat...we laugh...we eat... we sing...we eat...we scrapbook...we eat...we alter stuff... we eat...we do make and takes...we have a card swap, etc...you get the drift, we get stuff done in between eating for 3 days straight! :)

I have met some GREAT ladies and have developed some friendships that will no doubt last a lifetime.
Just to name a few:Teresa/Jan/Diane/Stacy/Stephanie/Lorraine/Sherri/Robin - we are definately going to remain great friends for life, and I look forward to seeing them twice a year. Anyway, I met this really cool gal last year (Sandi) who sews purses and cosmetic bags and sells them. I am NOT a sewing machine gal and am envious of those who are. Come to find out, Sandi LOVES Jeff Dunham as much as I do!

As we were driving to JoAnn Fabrics to select my fabric for the purses that she created for me to proudly carry (picture will be inserted later)...we happened to see this person dressed up to promote the local Halloween store at the Shopping Center close to where we were going. I screamed at Sandi "Look! There's Achmed, the dead terrorist!" and we got so excited that she turned the car into the gas station close to the corner that "she" was standing at waving at cars passing by. We had her put down her sign for a minute so that Sandi could snap a quick photo of the two of us together.

So, this is my "shout-out" to Jeff, Achmed, Sandi and all my scrapbook retreat friends... PREPARE YOURSELVES..because it's almost time for your bi-annual dose of "Fun Times with Shannon" ... HAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!

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Fleming Printing said...

Ahhhhhhh! I love it!!!! I can't wait to see ya girlie at the retreat!