Saturday, November 1, 2008

A spoonful of sugar, makes the medicine go down...

I love that song from Mary Poppins and it really does make the medicine go down...probably because most meds are the most vile and disgusting tasting things on this planet! Our bodies smell or taste them and instantly go into anapylactic shock!! Nooooo, nooooo, I'll be good, really! Just don't send down those gross meds!!! This thought is coupled with the fact that I am allergic to just about every antibiotic on the doc even looks at me from time to time and asks "So just what CAN you take??" HEllloooooo!!!!! You are the doctor, don't you have it in my chart doofus???!!...but that's okay, I have a list because no one can ever seem to remember! And how the heck would I know what I can take!?--I haven't had to take it yet!!!.... I sure hope that I never have to have any major emergency surgeries!...I don't think one of those life alert arm bracelets comes big enough to fit them all on...unless I want to walk around looking like Mr. T....I pity the fool! :)

At least the RX that I am on is a lovely turquoise color. It somehow makes the pills go down better since the information page from the pharmacy state that is what people take to prevent malaria! Okay, so that made me laugh out there something about my silly little sinus infection and humming right ear that you want to fill me in on doc???...or is it just about all that you can think of since every other med except Cipro and this so far... gives me an upset stomach,muscle stiffness, a swollen tongue, itching throat and a rash???...Ahhhh, the perils and joys of cold and flu season. I generally get a flu shot every year at work due to my underactive thyroid, which regulates the immune system...but you can't get them when you are sick and the medicine warnings talk about telling your doc BEFORE you take this medicine if you are taking any live vaccines. So this year instead of getting a free flu shot, it looks like I will be searching for one later at a reduced cost somewhere???...that makes me think of those black market underground clinics that you hear of..."Two Dollar Flu Shots! Step right up!!" :)

I have successfully now gone through 3 whole boxes of Puffs Plus and Puffs with Vicks, my nose is now red AND peeling because it is so dry and raw...and when I put some vaseline on it to try and combat the soreness, I woke up the next morning with blemishes and that made it just that much more enjoyable! I tell's one of those rare moments in life that you just have to laugh to keep from also makes me wonder how my two blogging sisters, Christina and Karyn, are getting along because they are hugging the Puffs tight now just might turn out that this cold season is like a lion....but I am still hanging onto the Lamb! :)

This too shall pass....

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