Thursday, October 30, 2008

Conversations with God...

In my previous blog entry, I said that I talk to God as my Father and my friend because He is! I am so glad that us Gentiles have been "grafted in" through Jesus and this is something that I do not take lightly, or take for granted. I am by NO means perfect! There are days when I am sure God looks down at me and shakes His head in disgust and disappointment at something that I have said and/or done. Like talking about someone or not being in His Word or skipping church. But, I know that He loves me just the same in those moments, as when I am doing the things that are pleasing to Him.

I often ponder about how God sees me and how I should act according to His Word and His instruction for my life that He has plainly laid before me. I used to talk with God in my journals and have written several devotions as I talk with Him. I really don't like to put things on the internet that can be "taken", but I am supposed to share with you one of the devotions that I have written because "someone" needs to read I just ask that you do not take my "conversation with God" and market it as your own. My prayer for you today is that you read it... let it absorb into the very being and fibers of your heart and soul, and start your very own conversations with God. Let this be your springboard to do what God has created you to in relationship with Him...through conversation, prayer, writing, art...let your life speak to and for Him my lovelies! :)

Master Gardener,

Today I come to You, and ask You to weed out the depths of my heart and soul.

Uproot any anger, bitterness, jealousy and pride that may be there. Pull out any resentment, greed, idolatry and things that are not pleasing to You. Dig out deep-rooted grudges, and plow up stubbornness with Your holy trowel.

Where You have prepared the soil, dear Father, I ask that You plant seeds of life, love, joy, happiness, gentleness, self-control, patience, peace, grace and kindness. Sprinkle in some wisdom and fertilize with lessons that can only come from Your hand.

Water my soul with Your Word, and grant life to the places in me that seem to have faded and withered...but still wait for the gentle pruning of Your hand. Knowing that the lessons may be uncomfortable at times, but that without that pruning, I would be wild, dirty and of no good use.

Bring forth sprouts of newness and let colorful flowers blossom, so that people who may not know You, will notice only Your splendor when they look...and come to know how wonderful the mighty works of Your hand truly are.

Pick up the rocks and debris that fall on the soil, trying to prevent roots from standing firm...and discard them in the weed pile. Never to be completely crushed or consumed, but always turning upward to face the Son and growing stronger in You.

May I live my life in total devotion to You God, so that I may be counted among the favored roses that bring forth a sweet smelling fragrance in Your garden of life.

Love Your Daughter,

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Wendy G. said...

That is absolutely beautiful...thank you so much for sharing that with us! I needed to read that also...