Thursday, October 30, 2008

Do you ever find yourself asking this question?? I didn't go to work today because I didn't sleep a wink last night because I couldn't breathe!! (Yes, Christina and Karyn...LOVE those Vicks Puffs and hope you feel better soon!!! :)

So, FINALLY at 7:00 this morning I was tired and sat back in the recliner to catch a few winks. I woke up at noon only to discover that my vision in my right eye is now blurred! So I call the doc and I have to go in tomorrow morning at 10:15 because he said that is not typical with a sinus infection!

Do you ever find yourself asking God this question...What else could go wrong!???...I generally tend NOT to ask that question...because in His infinate wisdom and humor, He will show me!...I am just so sick at this point of my family being NOT WELL!!!!!!!...and I figure my blog, rather than my friends or family face to face, is the perfect place to VENT!!!!... this way, I can yell all I want without it being confrontational in anyway...and yes, I talk to God just like He is my Father and yell to Him as well ...

I do truly appreciate all of my blogging sisters and friends that I have made along the way...and truly covet your prayers for the wellness of my family above all else. I whole heartedly believe that God still works miracles in our generation and I am holding out for the one that is coming for my family's wellness.

For those of you who have been praying for my DH, Donnie, his kidney wound is closing up now and is no longer leaking any fluids YEA!!!!! :)...he did say that his right side was killing him so bad two nights ago that he could barely move (???)... his kidney stone and wound area is on his left side. He will follow up with his doc about that one, and has to go back on Nov 5th to follow up with his surgeon at Ohio State.

As I get older and my husband and I will be together 20 years in 2009, I also find myself asking this question- How would I go through life if I had all of his medical issues? The man only has a foot of small bowel,has been through 8 major bowel surgeries, several Hickman and Groshon catheters on his chest... has to hook up to an IV every night for 8 hrs to take nutrition and suppliments and he continues to go to work everyday and run a small business. Sometimes I get frustrated when he doesn't feel like doing anything around the house or with Paige and I, but he truly is one of my heroes and I love him with all my heart! :)...sometimes I just forget that he can't function and have the stamina that we have. And God love him, he has cspoken to several people, kids and their parents who have been diagnosed with Short Bowel Syndrome or Crohn's Disease, even though Crohn's is different, when someone in the area has to go on TPN, sometimes Donnie will get a call from someone wanting to know how he copes and what he does to take care of himself. It's hard sometimes, but the end result is definately worth it. To be able to have him here, hooking up every night, rather than in a hospital or nursing home makes all the difference in the world. By all rights and means, he should have died in 1984...but God chose to bless him with the greatest miracle He could give Donnie...the gift of life and a second chance at it! Had that not occured, we would have never met...and it sure gives me a reality check when I start to whine about having an underactive Thyroid and having to take Synthroid everyday. Whoopeee!!!! I have to take a pill every morning...then I think of what Donnie has to do every night and I really and truly see the blessings that God has given to me.

I pray for strength...for wellness...and for the ability to "keep on keepin' on"!...and with God by my side, I think of one my favorite quotes from a favorite author, Maya Angelou..."Still I Rise!"

p.s. Maya has a new book out called Letter To My Daughter...she has a son, no daughters, and said on the Today Show that she wrote the book for you and me...check it out, I am and I am sure I will love it as much as her other stuff.

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Wendy G. said...

Many of us do take our good health for granted. May God bless your dear husband for all that he has been through and for being so strong...and you as well!

And thank you for the heads up on the new book...I may have to check that one out!