Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy November!!!


It's the month when we all remember to be thankful for something and despite my venting, whining and groaning about being sick right now...I truly AM thankful that I can breathe do we take that one for granted every day! I feel for all of those people who have to be on breathing machines or hook up to an oxygen tank, or use sure humbles me and brings me back to a "reality check".

I know that even though I get frustrated at allergies, colds, sinus conditions, etc...that there is always someone out there that is a heck of a lot worse off than I am. I am thankful to God that I can walk, talk, breathe, swallow, think, speak and do all of those things that come so naturally and seem so basic to us. They aren't so basic or natural to those who can't do them without being assisted in some way. I know that they would give anything to be able to have my stuffed up nose and congestion...just to be able to be off that machine and breathe better!

So this shout out goes up to You Lord and my Savior...for sending me the best gift that You could ever bestow upon me (Jesus)..let me never forget that He is the air I breathe! :)

As we start to make those Thanksgiving vacation and/or travel plans...let us not forget to be thankful for all the blessings we have in life on this planet called Earth. For the mere fact that I can type this and you can read it, is reason to be thankful...tell your loved ones, while you still have the chance...and they still have the chance to hear you say it...just how much you LOVE them. For we never know if this will be our last holiday that we celebrate together. You may never get a second chance...then again, you might---but what if you don't? There's no sense in setting yourself up for regret that can be avoided.

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