Sunday, November 2, 2008

I owe...I owe...(Thankfully) to the Doctor (Again!) I Go...

Can you tell that I have a sarcastic sense of humor?? :)

It's not that I am's just that my daughter has just gotten well and now she has had congestion for over a week and over the counters have done nothing for her and this morning at 4:42 she was in the bathroom puking! again, I trudge off to the doctor (this time her Pediatrician)...with my $25 co-pay in hand...(which by the way used to only be a $10 co-pay a few years ago).

I cried out to God this morning,in the only place that I got to be by myself when my kids were little,(the bathroom)...and asked Him to just make my family well!!! PLEASE!!!'s not that I am ungrateful...because I am of the many, many blessings in my life, and the things that my family and I are able to do that other people aren' just gets frustrating and I am getting tired of feeling like we all are walking around in this house, or the morgue of death as I am calling it right now,...carrying the "epizoodic"!!...(Sara, I now know what the epizoodic feels like-LOL!)

I'm not sure about you, but I sure think that the older we get, the harder it seems to be able to get rid of stuff. I never remember getting sick like this when I was a kid! And I even unknowingly tried to become a human science experiment! (more about that for another time and blog entry). I am just one of those people who absolutely despises having to take a pill for what ails me! We have become such a "pill popping" society and culture..."Here, take a pill for this and then oh, by the way, that causes these side effects, so take this pill too to counteract the effects of the first one!"...AHHHHHH!!!!!- will someone just sign me up to have my bikini area waxed and all of my eyelashes pulled out instead!!!????

...and thankful that I have a job and health insurance, that hundreds of thousands of people do not have...and thankful that we are not a "socialist" country and I can choose which doctor I get to see...I will thankfully be standing in line at 7:30 am to see the doctor, who also provides a sick child walk-in clinic every morning before the office opens for regular business hours. They even have separate ares of the building for sick kids and kids who are noy sick...although I have to admit, that has always baffled me...because germs know no boundaries, right!??? So in reality, are we making the well kids sick, or are they making us well?? :)

If anyone else out there is sick right now...hang in there for this too shall pass and we will be celebrating (only I think that comes later after the wellness has settled back in). Well my computer is in the basement in our family room, so I can type (in between coughing and blowing my nose), without waking up the rest of the family. But alas, I just pulled the last tissue out of the box...(this makes box #3 to bite the dust). My other box is in my crafting room upstairs between the bedroom that my hubby is in and the one my daughter is in. If I can sneak in there and am able to create a little without waking them up, I might have some pix to post soon- YEA!!!!!...BTW, I didn't get to craft the other night when I said that I was heading to the hot shower and then to craft...I headed to the hot shower and it drained me so much I headed to bed instead! LOL! I am waaaayyyyy overdue to post some photos...which I should have as soon as I get the three swaps finished that I am working on.


Leona said...

Oh dear i thought things were getting better for you... in the uk we have free health insurance and i am so thankful for this as i have been back and forth there for a number of weeks and years now!

I am sending hugs to you all now as i do feel for you a lot and i agree when we were younger we werent ill like that... and now i seem to be ill all the time can never get rid of it

Little Miss Sparkle said...

Thanks for your long distance hugs Leona.. they are like homemade chicken noodle soup!..sometimes I wish you lived in the states so we could meet someday...but I do think it's cool that I've got a friend in the UK! :)

This too shall pass and better days are on the horizon! :)


PaperAddictJenn said...

Still praying for you and your family. By the way, I loved your devotion the other day.