Friday, April 2, 2010

She Did It!...and we are so PROUD!

Our oldest daughter Tiffany has graduated from Nursing School and has had her pinning ceremony. We are sooooo HAPPY...EXCITED...and all of those other joyous emotions...for both her and us. It seems like just yesterday we were reading books at bedtime and snuggling on the couch/recliner! Now #1 is a BIG GIRL with a HOUSE and CAR of her own and a COLLEGE education and even a REAL JOB! She put in an application at a local hospital one day...they called her to set up an interview the very next day...and she was told that she has a job the day that she had her interview. That's incredible! She has a job in Critical Care with a $5 shift diff for the 7p-7a shift waiting for her as soon as she passes her State Nursing Boards. We are also EXTREMELY PROUD of her as she was the Nursing CLASS PRESIDENT on top of her studies and working at Kroger Pharmacy to pay for school. I am truly ENAMORED at all that she has been able to accomplish and know that the world is HER oyster....but she is a DIVA and already knows that...(you know that I love you Tiffany Lynne)...seems like just yesterday that I was singing to you and rocking you in the rocking chair when you had your days and nights mixed up as a baby...and now here you I get older and headed for the rocking chair for myself...LOL! :)

I LOVE YOU!!!!!...Mom

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