Monday, April 12, 2010

Monday Mornings...

I guess I should be excited about Monday Mornings...but I'm NOT! Mondays are like the day of the week when you haven't had that first cup of coffee yet. You have to wake up, get a shower and drag your tired butt into work after getting the kids off to school. Once you get there, you are supposed to promote a positive attitude because you work for Corporate America...and we are supposed to always be "politically correct" in today's world--(even though there is nothing "correct" about politics!)

It gets better after I have those first 2 cups of morning java...but that kicks in late morning/ early afternoon. I am just NOT a Monday morning type of gal. I am somewhere still stuck in my "Country Tyme Lemonade Lazy Sunday afternoon" leftovers. Still stuck under those covers and sleeping in late until I want to crawl out of my warm sanctuary to brew that hot liquid love in a cup. I guess you know by now that I am having a love affair...with coffee! LOL! :)

The weekends are just too darn short and the work week waaayyy too long! I guess that once I get through this Monday, it means that I only have 4 days left until glorious Friday evening at 5:00 pm gets here...and I can once again yell "Woo Hoo! It's 5:00 girls, let's get outta here!"

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