Friday, July 24, 2009


I absolutely...positively....without a doubt....LOVE...LOVE....LOOOOOOVVVEEEE Chocolate! As far as I am concerned, it is a food group! I can justify that because it is made from the Cacao Bean...and a bean is a vegetable, so it just HAS to be good for me...and the Food Pyramid says that I should eat at least 4-6 servings of veggies a day! :)

Dark creamy chocolate is my ultimate fave...if you piss me off, if I am having a bad day, if the world just doesn't seem as it should...give me some dark decadent chocolate and you are my new best friend (second of course to Jesus!)

I choose this "veggie" when I go to the movies...when I am needing something sweet...and since I am an avid scrapbooker and art freak...I snapped this pic of my fave food group to share with all of you. Enjoy!

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Fleming Printing said...

eOh that looks so good! I don't need an excuse for chocolate. Anytime is a good time and any chocolate is my friend!