Sunday, June 28, 2009

Early Summer Mornings & Volleyball Conditioning...

I just LOVE this picture of my youngest daughter. She altered it with Picasa. I LOVE the saturation tool on Picasa, and am growing quite fond of the whole photo altering concept. This picture was taken last year right before the Volley for the Cure game at the High School. Paige played Middle School Volleyball for the school team and this summer has to get up and go to the High School (she will be a freshman this fall-yikes!) for Volleyball Conditioning. A mini form of "bootcamp"...and then it's off to the YMCA Day Camp, where she is an L.I.T.(Leader-in-training) to become a C.I.T (Counselore-in-training) and then later on, that probably will be her summer job while she goes to college...being a Camp Counselor (unless she goes away to college)...but that is too far off for my brain to comprehend. I am having a hard enough time wondering where the time went, as my oldest daughter will graduate college this fall with a degree in Nursing and my BABY will be going off to High School!! Later this summer it's Volleyball Camp and in early August (before school starts) they will have Volleyball try-outs for the 2009-2010 LV High School team. I hope she makes it's the love of the sport that keeps her waking up each morning and heading off into the heat and humidity of the day.

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