Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Recipe Swaps and the Weather...

I have been "keeping my sanity" by joining several recipe swaps on Split Coast. Some were "late" (past the due date) due to the snow/ice/rain mix that we have had as of late. I am sooo tired of snow (it started again this morning and we could get up to 6 more inches!!!)...don't get me wrong...I love how the trees look and how they glisten (hello!!!- I am Little Miss SPARKLE)...and the glittery sheen on the white lawn makes a fabulous sight, esp. at night when the moon is shining...I am just tired of not being able to get around because of the road conditions and I am done with being C-O-L-D (brrrrrr!!!!)

I decided to start hosting some if you log on Split Coast and go to Swaps/Recipes...look for my swaps:

Recipe Swaps:
Presidential/White House
Spice Mixes & Seasonings
Dinner On The Go

I am also hosting a GLITTER ATC swap too...let me know if you read these and have any questions...all of the details are out on the Split Coast Forum...since I can't get out much right now...I am trying to stay warm and craft away in my Scrapbook Room.

I have also signed up to do an "Altered Book Round Robin" with my friend Deb at our monthly Scrapbook Crop this month. You bring a book and an idea of a theme that you want (love, friendship, numbers, etc...) and you give the book to someone. They have until the next month when we scrapbook again to alter a double page or a few pages back to back, and then give your book to another person the next month. By the time you get the book back, most of it will be finished and will have pages altered by your friends, making it even more special. It might take a while, but as my book "progresses" I will try to take pix and post them. (Although, I have been very BAD about pix lately!)...I will try and upload some for my recipe swaps that I have completed.

Stay Warm! :)


Christina said...

Wow you have a lot going on swap wise. I hope you are having fun with it. I just got really burnt out on swaps, so I am not joining any this year takes the pressure off!

Amber said...

hope that you have a goood weekend ! Swaps are fun but i soo agree with Christina haha its soo easy to get burnt out on them !

Little Miss Sparkle said...

yeah..postage wise it can be tricky...I have decide to start being the hostess for a while and see how that goes! Thanks gals for checking up on me from time to time- I am glad I have my sistas on Blogger!!! :)


Wendy said...

you seem very busy, hope you enjoy your swaps