Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Well....I tripped over a shoe in my daughter's room 3 weeks ago (you know, you tell your kids to pick up their stuff for a reason!) :)

Just when my left ankle was no longer swelling...I dropped the entire weight of my scrapbook bag on the same ankle and almost fractured it!!!- so now I look like a total doofus with an ankle brace on to hold my severly sprained ankle in place. This has been a real challenge at work, as I am supposed to prop my foot up and ice it...okay, prop my foot up at a "phone/desk" job and ice it how!???

Since I work in a big basket, I have managed to find a basket the size I need today and I brought one of those ice packs from home and wrapped it in a cloth napkin...Mac Gyver would be proud, no doubt! It is funny to see me typing and trying to face the computer while my leg is turned sideways!!!...I'll post some pix later :)

I called the doctor's office today to see how long I have to wear this sexy ankle splint/brace "thingy" and they said 4 weeks. 4 weeks!!!! ...I will be limping around and walking at a much slower pace than what I am accustomed to...so therein lies a whole new challenge!...I will keep you posted :)


Christina said...

ARGH feel better that has to suck!

Julie's Crafty Corner said...

Oh poor you, hope you feel better soon.


Anna Banana said...

I'm so sorry to hear that!!
Several years back I sprained my ankle so bad I was in a full-blown plaster cast for 6 weeks! Doctor said I would have been better off if I had broken it!!
It now works as a first-alert weather system - I know when it is going to rain or snow the day before usually! :(
Hope you heal up quick!

Anna Banana

Little Miss Sparkle said...

Thanks girls---I am starting to be able to see the swelling go down now and hope that it continues for the better- I had to laugh at your comment Anna, because I totally "get it" and am that way with my toe I broke last year- GEEZ!!- I am 40 now, so I guess the gals at work were right- since I am OLD I am gonna need hip replacements soon- hee hee!...I hope to "catch up " this week on everyone's blogs and hope eberyone is well :)