Monday, October 27, 2008

Getting through the Gauze...

I officially am a gauze and dressing "guru"! I can change a dressing like nobody's business---and with clean efficiency too, I might add. Yes, yes...I am tooting my own horn and am thankful that God has patience to know that I could do what a few days a go I was dreading and knew that only He could get me through. (A little sleep hasn't hurt the process either...although, I am not sure how many more nights on the couch I can take- hee hee!)

Seriously, though...Donnie is healing (Thank you thank you thank you for all of your prayers...they are still needed, as he is not completely healed yet...and I really and truly am sleeping on the couch) is quite comical, as my legs do not stretch all the way out because I am longer than the couch. Seeing as how I am only 5 foot one and 1/2 inches, this amuses me greatly when I find myself with my legs bent up or flopped on the big built in cushions on the end of the couch...if I could take my own picture, you would be laughing out loud too!!

Paige's staph infection is dried up and is going away and now she is getting a cold ...lesson learned on her part about going to the football game in the torrential downpour!!...she is currently sleeping after a hearty dose of Robitussin Nighttime and some hot orange tea. Sweet dreams of better days my baby :)

Believe it or not, I managed to get two recipe swaps finished and mailed to Cheree on Split Coast Stampers. I joined several 6x6 recipe swaps and a few 4x6 ones and will post some pix as soon as I get a chance to upload them on here to show you what they look like. I am Little Miss Sparkle on Split Coast too, but I can't figure out how to link my blog to the bottom of my signature when I sign up for swaps???...maybe one of you smarties can lend a hand and let me know how, so I can seem smart too ...LOL!..oh the joys and perils of pc learning curves...that and the time of my posts always show 4 hours earlier than what it truly's 8:11 pm here in Ohio currently- not 4:22 ????

Well my lovelies, I am heading off to take a nice steaming hot shower with some Coconut Shower Cream from The Body Shop...if I close my eyes long enough, it will smell like I am at the beach in a tropical paradise...catch ya later!

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Kathy W said...

glad he is healing well, can't wait to see your swaps