Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Feeling Thankful and Melancholy...

Well everybody...tomorrow is "the big day"- my DH has his surgery to remove the "big one" from his kidney. We are praying that this has been the cause of his severe back pain over the last few months. He is scared, even though he would kill me if he knew I shared, because he is afraid that he will get an infection since OSU is a teaching hospital. At least they have a high success rate! :)

Paige's staph infection area is starting to dry up and heal (thank you for your prayers) and THANK GOD for the way that HE still works miracles in this generation...although we really don't deserve them based on our actions :)

I have to drive my SIL to her doctor's appt in Dublin tomorrow after my DH gets out of surgery to get a shot in her eye (YIKES!!) please take your medication if you are diabetic because this is what happens if you are stubborn and try to do "your own thing"...and she should know better because she is a an RN to boot!

I am truly thanking God right now that I am not sick because I have to be the "strong one" who is there for support, driving, etc...and I truly, truly, truly thank Him that I can do that.

Donnie's mom is getting sick from the radiation and only has two more treatments and then a week of chemo and she is saying that if the cancer has spread through her lymphatic system or have not gotten smaller that she is not going to go through any more treatments. We are trying to deal and work through our feelings and emotions and come to grips with how we feel about that. She is 74 years young and we need to respect her decision, whatever that may be....but it is hard nonetheless.

I read and watched a program on television by some doctors from the Cleveland Clinic who claim that a vegan lifestyle can reverse heart disease and even cures some cancers. Not sure about that one, but I just might start eating better and trying to incorporate a healthier lifestyle, while I am in this current mental space...won't hurt, since I deal with an underactive thyroid and can't seem to lost weight any other way!

Sorry that my blog has not been very upbeat and positive lately...we have just been hit pretty hard with what seems like one thing after another..and I look forward to sharing with all of you, the good that God will bring forth from this chaos... thanks for the prayers and the kind words of encouragement, they, along with your friendship as my "sisters" and fellow bloggers, is truly coveted and appreciated.

Will be in touch after tomorrow,



PaperAddictJenn said...

You have been in my prayers constantly this week. Can you email me your mailing address? I noticed it's not in the Yahoo SBS24 group address book, and I really think you could use some happy thoughts in your mailbox:)

Wendy said...

Thinking of you, try to keep your chin up.
we all have our bad times its all part of life and living, But the good times will come back and everything will seem worth while.

big hugs