Monday, September 22, 2008

They're FINALLY here!!! :)

My First Altered Book!!!

This is the first book that I altered and "gifted" to my hubby. It was one of those Hallmark, Valentine type of books with those kids holding umbrellas in black and white with their cheeks, lips, etc that had been colored over. He read the book once and then it sat on the shelf until I came across a book about Altered Books. I knew this would be the first book I would use. I loved the words in the book, so I kept them in tact, but I altered the rest of the book. I know that I have kept you all waiting and I hope that you are not disappointed! :) Feel free to scraplift these ideas, as creativity starters for your own altered books...and don't forget to use your glitter!!!! :)






Leona said...

wow wow wow its so so so gorgeous i would be proud its really nice and lovely what a great thing to have! Im jealous lol... hugs leona x

Kerry D-C said...

Very cool!!! Glad to see some pics on here, Girlfriend!

Christina said...

very Nice.

Sally said...

Love the pages of this book. YOu have definitely put a lot of time and effort in - it has paid off!!!

Sally - SBS24

Little Miss Sparkle said...

Thanks Ladies! :)... you sure know how to boost a girl's ego...which I might add is a wonderful creativity booster and gets me excited to want to create more "stuff" to share with you. I LOVE, LOVE,LOVE all of your work as well and am so excited that all of our work is going across the globe- I just think that is soooo COOL! :)