Thursday, April 29, 2010

Visiting the Library...

I sparked some curiousity with one of the librarians at my library. They used to hold an annual book sale and loads of people would show up to get a paper bag of books for $3.00 or pay .25 per book based on what was going on at the time. Well... they got smarter this year and to avoid the LONG lines of people, "line ditchers" and just downright rude people---they now have books for sale for .25 a piece (magazines and paperbacks are free)...DVD's and CD's, while they are a rare find, are about .50-$1.00 a piece.

As I am getting into altered art, books and assemblage...I find these all to be "rare finds" and often the librarians look at me, but never say anything about the amount of books that I buys on a weekly basis. They are probably just glad to get rid of them and make some $$. One day, one of my favorite librarians, Jackie, asked me what I did with all of the books that I purchase. I laughed out loud, as I thought no one had noticed but me that I generally buy about $5 worth at a time! :)

I told her my dream of having my own "shop" someday...where people could "create art" that I also altered some of them. She had a puzzled look on her face, and I didn't know if she was having a mild heart attack or what at the thought of me tearing and deconstructing books. She said that she had heard of book altering, but was having a hard time comprehending what an altered dictionary would look like.

I took about 8 books in to show her yesterday...including the dictionary that I am working on. She was pleasantly surprised and amazed and thanked me for sharing my art with her. I hope that I left her as inspired as I felt. Thanks for your kind words of encouragement Jackie! ...see you soon :)