Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Altered Books and Other Things...

I am currently working on altering some books. Old training books that were headed for the trash at work...books that I have purchased at the library book sale and I am working on altering a Red Lobster menu into a scrapbook (a gift from a waiter who shall remain nameless, but is the COOLEST waiter EVER! know who you are Queen!) LOL! :)

My DH bought me a new camera for Christmas, so I will post photos soon... the darn blasted thing did NOT come with a memory card OR a USB cord! much for meeting the needs of your customers SONY!!- way to make the consumer pay EXTRA in this already sucky economy...oh well... I have a memory card now, but no USB Cord. So if any of my gal pals have an extra Sony Cybershot USB Cord lying around because you now have a new camera...send it my way!...(hint, hint Ellen & Kimberley)

As soon as I get the photos on my memory card and/or a USB Cord...I will post the pictures to my blog...but for now...I am off to get the porkchops and potatoes out of the oven cuz my good friend Ellen is coming over for dinner and to watch last night's Madonna episode of GLEE. (I almost watched it without her...but I waited!)...after that I am going to work on my books and will have pics up soon.

I am altering an old Zagat restaurant book...a computer manual a novel, a dictionary, and turning a chunky kids board book into a mini scrapbook for my oldest daughter who just graduated Nursing School.... so...stay tuned!

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