Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Falling Down...

LITERALLY!- the concrete and bricks at work on the sidewalk are uneven.... and low and behold, I fell and tripped on a raised corner of the concrete. Talk about feeling like that old lady on the commercial who says "I've fallen and I can't get up!"...I was determined to get up even though it hurt like hades! I had to take time off work and couldn't use my hands (because I used them first to break my fall- it sounded like a bellysmacker in the water!), so I just sat in the recliner all day and dozed off and on in between pre-recorded DVR shows. I now can tell you every bizarre food that Andrew Zimmern and Anthony Bourdain have eaten in the last 6 episodes...who won the Cereal Bridges 2 Food Network Challenge...who has been Chopped and which Models of the Runway and Project Runway Designers I like best. It was a sad and sorry existence and a stupid way to be able to be at home. I would have even preferred ironing clothes to that. And to make it worse, I have several swaps that were due on SCS and I had to PM my 4 hostesses to let them know, that while I am NOT flaking, I would be later than the due date, due to my inability to pick stuff up and use crafting tools!!...You know...we take our bodies for granted most days and never even think about how intricately God has created us to be and in that same regard, how it is a miracle that our bodies over time can heal themselves. But, if you ever get bored, try not using anything but your fingertips and you'll get a taste of my latest frustration! Stay tuned later this evening for gruesome pix!

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