Saturday, August 15, 2009

Cleaning Day!

faAt noon today, I am going to help my friend clean her humble abode. She was recently divorced because her louse of a husband who has cheated on her numerous times over the years walked in one day and told her that he didn't love her anymore. Really!?!...could you not have figured that out years ago, you crackhead!?...he isn't a crackhead, but that's the closest thing that I could think of at the moment, without going off on a man-bashing tyrade!

Anyhoo...she had to go from a multi-room house to a 3 room apartment, so as you can imagine, we have a LOT of purging, organizing and cleaning to do. She says that it's hard for her to have to let me see her "mess"...but I told her, "Hey! Think nothing of it, that's what friends are for." And I truly believe that she would drop everything in a heartbeat to come to my rescue if I needed I get to reap the blessing in disguise of knowing that I am helping her to get the interior of her house shiny and new. And if you think about it, nobody likes anyone else to see their "messes"...if they did, the dishes would never get shoved in the oven or dishwasher, or the clothes in the closet that were on the floor...or the other things that people do when they get unexpected guests and friends drop by.

I have always likened the interior of one's soul to the condition of your home. What I mean by that is, to me at my house, I am always in a state of some sort or another of organization and "tidying up"...therefore it reflects an outward view to the world, who happens to "drop by"...what the inner condition of my spiritual life is like at that moment. (Which always fluxuates between spick and span and dusty)...just like my struggle this side of heaven to be like an alien in a foreign land.

For me, I am always in a constant state of "tidying up"...maybe I yelled at my kids or hubby that day...maybe I was so mad that I dropped the *F*Bomb...maybe I was so tired that the laundry just sat in the basket until it was all wrinkly and then I got mad all over again. Whatever the case may be, it's like that with my walk with God too. I get mad and I yell at Him "Now would be a GREAT time to come down here and take me home, God!"...(I have never dropped the *F*Bomb at Him)...but that laundry basket that's a good if I am not in His Word or don't do what He tells me to do, then my soul becomes all shriveled up and wrinkly, just like those clothes!...and I do believe that God is my I talk to Him as I were His daughter and we have that "parent/child" dialog most of the time.

I am working on how to organize...(or get rid of)...all of the "stuff" that I have accumulated over my 40 years on this planet. Some of the stuff is clothes that I keep as I convince myself that I will someday be that size 6 that I once was...instead of the size 14-16 that I am now. You would think that as I struggle with an underactive thyroid that I would just get rid of them...which I am, but it has not been an easy road, I can tell you that. It's almost as if it is a personal mourning over what I once had, and in a way...who I once was.

I am getting ready to switch doctors because I feel that mine is not even keeping up on when I have to get my blood work done, as I always have to call him and then he says, "Oh yeah, you should have had that done last month."...DUH!??? Everyone keeps telling me to seek out an Endocronologist...a doc who deals with the thyroid and the immune I am toying that idea around currently.

But just like my house and the inner condition of my soul...I must constantly search and seek out the "better things" and the "specialists" that God has set before me, in order to be walking down the narrow road. Boy, does that wide road get confusing at times!

So, for me....I get to be blessed today, knowing that I am helping a close friend "air out her dirty laundry" ...and free the fetters that have kept her soul locked up fo several months now...getting your hands dirty by helping out a fellow sister in doesn't get much better than that! :)


kc_froglady said...

What a great friend you are to go in her time of need without question or hesitation.

I love the honesty of this post and how you say things many of us think but don't know how to put into words!

Fleming Printing said...

You're a good friend to help her and hope you find a good doc to help you too!