Wednesday, November 12, 2008

November 15th is nearing....

Well, my lovelies...the day is arriving...November 15th is THIS Saturday!
This is the first day of my Raw Fu 100 Day Challenge. I have some mixed emotions going on right now. I am getting excited, and scared at the same time. Seeing as how my entire house is a cesspool of pre-made, pre-boxed, pre-packaged food...I can see the extra $$ going out already for those vitamin giving,organic,fresh foods. Why does the government or the FDA, or whoever is to blame, make it so damn hard and expensive to eat right???!!

You can go to the grocery store and get great deals and sales on 10 for $10 microwave meals and pre-packaged, pre canned foods...but then you hit the fruits and vegetables aisle, (let alone the greater expense for the organic ones), cost you a full day's pay, your right arm, left leg and signing your life away on some secret document just to be able to pay for the stuff!

"They" preach to us Americans about eating right, exercising, and shove a "new and improved" Food Pyramid down our about THIS concept???...try charging LESS for the foods that will heal your body and are good for you and MORE for the foods that won't...I mean, come on now people...WAKE UP!!!...don't all those preservatives and chemicals that we can't even pronounce cost a hell of a lot more to manufacture than good 'ole homegrown foods???

OH...I KNOW!!!...we pour $$$ into the Meat and Dairy companies and LESS to nothing for the Farmers who grow the fresh!...I thought I lived in a messed up world before!!...sorry I am venting and sounding so cynical...but you gotta love a blog...that online "journal" of sorts in which you can use that Constitutional freedom of speech and the right to express yourself! :)...I just hope that doesn't change too with our new President elect. I gotta give one thing to Barack...his political campaign slogan of "A Time for Change" has sure motivated me to make some necessary changes in my own life!

Heaven Forbid... the government sure as heck won't help me do it, in the food world.....okay everyone, I hope to find encouragement along the way in this new venture and on this journey away from "the norm"...sad, really, to think that eating correctly is a venture away from the norm, and not the norm!..I have been putting some blogs under my "Blogs I Love" section and between Bunny Berry, who has graciously allowed me to be brought "into the fold"...and the other bloggers, who are walking that "narrow" path in life...I will find what I am searching for...

I plan to blog each day about my 100 day journey. I will warn you now...plan on some venting, whining, and just plain carrying on until I get this thibg figured out. I am on a quest to feel better, look better, have more energy and possible lose part of myself (the fat part!) in the process.

Wish me luck and say a prayer for me when you read this!

Love and *HUGS"...Shannon


Shelly Koskinen said...

Amen!! Eating healthy is so expensive. Good luck on your 100 day challenge. I'll be interested to see how it goes.

Little Miss Sparkle said...

It IS expensive Shelly...I will no doubt keep you posted and of course shoot a few prayers up to the Big Guy for me when you think about my challenge! :)


Leona said...

Amen also its very expensive i echo the girls on this......And a big warming good luck on this challenge hun hugs leona x