Tuesday, November 4, 2008

It is a Historic Event....

Well folks....it has just been announced since 100% of the polls have reported. For the first time ever an African American has won the race and has become our newest President. Either way we voted, it would have been a decision that made the history books- either we would have an African American President, or we would have had our first woman Vice President. I try to only talk about politics with my closest friends, but I must admit that I am an independent voter who makes educated and prayerful decisions- and for the past few elections I have voted Republican. I too, am ready for a change. I am still not sure that Barack Obama is the change that I am ready for...so I pray the best for him and his family, and for the decisions he will make for our country on the whole...just as I have for every President that I have voted for in the past.

Even though John Mc Cain was soooo old...I just liked, and still do like the guy! And if you watched your television all evening like I did, you have to admit that he gave one hell of a speech to usher in our new President. He definately has class.

Here's to the next 4 years... to a brighter economy...to well thought out and educated decision making from that big White House...and to better days a head. God Bless The President!

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