Monday, September 1, 2008

Wilson's Whimsical Words(tm)

I love words. Plain and simply put....quotes, books, words in titles. And since I was an only child, (who dreamed of having a sister),for 14 long years...(and then she was born!)...I used to entertain myself by reading the phone books, dictionaries, etc...

I used to wonder who Webster was and why he could have his name on a book of words, but I couldn't...thus..."Wilson's Whimsical Words" was born from that idea. Just ask any of my friends and they will tell you that I not only make up words, but I make up silly definitions for them to. One of my personal faves is "Synchronification"...thought of that one after listening to the music group The Police and wondering why everyone in the world can't just "play nice and get along" with one another.

Synchronification: The act of not running with scissors. To get along. To allow the earth to run smoothly without interruptions.

And yes, I can use the word in a sentence too! :)

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