Saturday, September 27, 2008

Hot Tub/Movie Night, Here I Come!

Today is "chore/cleaning day" at the Wilson household. BUT!...I have been feverishly working on some 6X6 recipe cards for several SCS swaps that I have joined. I do a load of laundry, work on some cards...make food for the on the cards..etc...I will post pix before I send them off to the hostesses on Monday so that you all can see what I have been up to lately. I make 5+1, 6+1 or 10+1 of the same item, and then get different ones back. I think that is a pretty easy way to grow any collection of recipes. I hope to get inspired enough to make several of these for my own family. I also want to work on Heritage/Recipe books for my family to both tell the story of my Great-Grandfather's trip to America on the ship from Sicily, Italy...and incorporate family recipes and my Grandma's handwritten recipes that my Aunt gave to me when she passed away several years ago. But for now, I have to be ready to go with my friend Ellen (The Queen- I will share the story sometime!)...we are meeting Sally and her sister Kendra and our other friend Debby for some much needed, no hubby/ no kids night of pizza, chick flicks,wine and hot tubbing! I am soooo looking forward to this night at Kendra's house. It is just what the doctor ordered. :)...have fun this evening my lovely sisters and I will be BIT (back in touch) tomorrow after church. Party On!

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