Sunday, September 7, 2008

Bonfires, Weiners and S'Mores... I sit at 3:30 am...chatting with one of my daughter's friends, as everyone else is asleep. Paige had a "late" b-day party/sleepover (she chose the date)- her birthday is 8/6. She decided to have hot dogs, a bonfire and s'mores instead of pizza and cake. And invited her closest friend over- which actually turned into 9 girls and one boy, who went home...because DUH!!! there are NO BOYS at 13 year old girls' sleepovers :)
I am what my daughter's friends call "the cool mom" I let the girls go toilet papering and do some of the same stuff that I did when I was a teenager (come on now, admit it... you did it too!)...I make sure that I go with them so that no harm is done and no one gets hurt. And this way, they can jump in the car and we can make a fast get-away...lots of stories about girls, boys, school and lots of laughs...


Shelly Koskinen said...

Hi Shannon - I'm hoping to join the SBS group. Sleepovers are the stuff that kids remember forever.

Wendy said...

Hi shannon
It looks like you had a late night or early morning.
I have just joined youe SBS group and looking forward to chatting with you


Little Miss Sparkle said...

Thanks gals! :)...and yes, sleepovers ARE the stuff that we remember forever... I'm still not sure if I am evening or morning- HA!...but I even managed to get up and go teach Sunday School at 9:45-aren't you proud of me!? :) LOL!

I am so glad the two of you joined the sisterhood...I just know that we will all have so much fun getting to know each other and will be sharing ideas and life stories for years to come! Welcome to the sisterhood! :)


Wendy said...

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Kathy W said...

your daughter will appreciate you- fun stuff

Wendy G. said...

That's awesome that you're a "cool mom"...i'm sure that means a lot to them (even if they don't appreciate it now)! :)

Anna Banana said...

Too funny - I remember one of our 8th grade teachers took us around tp-ing the other teachers houses on the day before graduation - it was the most fun I had ever had at that point!

We also "forked" a yard ... seeing 300 forks sticking out of a lawn is something memorable and funny as heck!

Anna Banana

Little Miss Sparkle said...

We haven't been forking yet, although as you have said, I hear it is something to behold...I think we might get our pastor- he would laugh out loud! He's really cool and has shared some of the stuff that he did for fun as a teen growing up in Sierra Leone- we love Gus! :)