Monday, September 1, 2008

Altering Books

I absolutely am hooked on altering books. I make them into mini scrapbooks and this has become can I dare say, quite an addiction as of late!???... There! I said it, my secret is out...and man does that feel great! :)

I recently went to our local library's annual book sale to find books that had canvas covers to paint...ones that were falling apart... you know, those books that would other wise wind up in the trash because pages are missing or torn, etc...even tattered books need a home I adopted some and took them home straight away! Imagine the pure joy that I felt just knowing that they would go from "throw away" to "art"...ahhh!!! It does a mind good...

Well in book altering, that is what you do...tear pages out to make room for all of your glorious embellishments, pix, ribbon, shiny things and whatever else you feel inspired to add. I also like to stamp words in my book with Staz-On because it seems to work over top of paint, etc...and as soon as I clear the memory card off my camera (thank you darling Paige), I will snap some pix of what I have made so far and you can see what I work on in my "spare time" ... LOL!

Until then...stay creative and inspired and don't forget to use your glitter! :)


PaperAddictJenn said...

I have always wanted to alter a book--you need to share some pictures to get us all inspired!

Little Miss Sparkle said...

I PROMISE that I will take pictures this weekend and upload them on my site if I can figure out how to do it- if I can't I'll create a new slideshow and you can see the book I finished recently! :)

Glad that you are all okay after IKE...I think about those in LA and TX and know that everytime I see the news you are all in my thoughts and prayers